DF1 Client Modpack

The modpack began 11/20/2018 and was discontinued on 09/19/2019. With each client update, the mods were wiped. Meaning we got stalled with our progress, and had to reimplement all of the old features back in again every time. With updates seemingly coming every week now and brand new anti-cheat on the way the mods are no longer sustainable. With that said, each of these weekly updates has been integrating our modpack features. Most if not all features should eventually be in the base vanilla game over time.

This page lives on as an archive for everything BarneyHD, zombk, and myself (Clayton) accomplished.
Thank you all for the support. There's more projects to come.

Crosshair Customization

Completely change how you see your crosshair by changing its RGBA color and size values.

The modpack comes with 5 default crosshairs to choose from, but you can create and upload your very own textures unique to you or to share with friends!

Enlarged Minimap

Take that tiny minimap window and enhance to a size that shows you the entire block you're playing in. This functions in the Inner City, Arena, and building interiors. Great for meeting up with other players and scouting out building, obstacle hazards, and loot spots.

Player markers are also much brighter, and increase in size in enlarged mode for easier spotting.

Player Statistics

Lower the usage of external tools and look at your character stats and items in-game.

Track how many times you've killed each infected type since install and brag about it to your friends after a long week of grinding.

Projectile Tracers

See the exact path your weapons bullets or pellets take when shooting your firearms.

Damage Numbers

Turn the game into a classic looter shooter and display how much damage you deal on screen with each swing or shot from your weapon.

Aggro Spike Warning

Get notified of random aggro spikes and siren screams as they happen, as well as how many zeds you have to kill to dismiss it.

Loot Quick Confirmation Input

Improve the flow of looting by being able to quickly accept or deny items without needing to move your mouse.

Further UI Enhancements

Inventory Slot Count - Know exactly how much space you have left in your inventory.

Item Stats and Color - See the stats or color of the item you just found without going into your inventory.

Action Countdowns - Displays how much time is remaining for barricading and searching objects.

Detailed Experience Values - Shows your full current experience / required experience and the percentage. If you're level cap this will show your total experience gained over the cap.

UI Textures - Add some flavor to the UI. Upload your own custom themes.

Highlight Clanmates - Changes the Clan HQ name under player names to be cyan if you share a clan.

Name Outlines - Generates a black outline around player, clan, and NPC names to make them easier to read.

Advanced Settings

Fullscreen Fix - Ensure the client is fullscreen once you return to it after minimizing it or visiting your inventory.

Taskbar Resolution - Reduces the height of Windowed clients slightly to accommodate for the taskbar.

VSync - Locks the client frame rate to your monitor refresh rate which reduces screen tearing.

Target FPS - Remove the 60 FPS cap and choose your target frame rate, currently capped at 120.

Show FPS - Adds a small text elements to the top left of the UI that displays your frame rate.

Anti-Aliasing - Smooths out edges on objects.