A hub for Dead Frontier 1, Dead Frontier 2, and Dead Frontier: Still Alive tools and guides.

DF1 Modpack

A modified version of Dead Frontier's standalone client. Introducing game-changing quality of life improvements so good they're getting integrated into the base game for everyone to enjoy. Don't worry, there's more to come.

  • Player Status Numbers and Bars
  • Crosshair Customization
  • Enlarged Minimap
  • Inventory Slot Counter
  • Aggro Spike Warning
  • Display Damage Dealt On Screen
  • Firearm Projectile Tracers
  • Name Outlines and Clan Highlighting
  • Display Item Stats When Found
  • Display Item Color When Found
  • Loot Quick Confirmation Input
  • More / Advanced Game Settings

DF1 Sandbox

Want to try a weapon before you buy it? Looking to test a new build? Spawn in weapons, place target dummies, and use several built-in calculators to help you figure out your perfect weapon combination and character build. (Built-in Stat Calculator)

DF1 Boost Calculator

An easy to use calculator for adding together implant bonuses. Quickly see how adding or removing implants, or theory craft entire sets effects you in-game.

DF1 Build Calculator

Plan your build ahead of time. Allocate stats to see their effects on your character and weapons before you fork over your hard-earned credits.